Looking for new business opportunities?
Let your employees surprise YOU!

It has surprised many CEO’s already. Something remarkable happens when your employees get the opportunity with a team of colleagues to develop in a “start-up atmosphere” their own idea for new business. With unprecedented passion and commitment, they start working as real internal entrepreneurs!

The Second Phase has experienced that out of the hundreds of thousands of employees in our country, many potential intrapreneurs are waiting in silence. In each company, big or small, we find passionate employees, vibrating with new business ideas, dying to develop them for the company they work for! Not just any idea, but a business idea that they really believe in and maybe haven’t told you about yet.

We help you and your employees to identify, evaluate and set up new business opportunities for your company, building on its assets. It’s not about improving your current products and services, you probably got that covered already. It’s about new business and new potential sources of income for your company.

  Athlon Carlease team

The Jury

We have guided more than 75 business teams from idea up to investment. We note that on average 2 out of 3 ideas for SMEs, 1 out of 2 or 3 for Corporates are started by the company!

For the team members this “intrapreneurial Boot Camp” is an unforgettable experience. For your company it’s a guaranteed boost to more (no-nonsense) internal entrepreneurship. The energy and dynamics resulting from this start-up experience undoubtedly influence how your employees will deal with new business ideas in your company in the future…

Let them tell you themselves…