Are you not sure that your employees, management, shareholders and company processes are ready for The Second Phase? Contact us and we will investigate this with you free of charge. Needless to say, we only move further if all conditions for success are present. If not, we will advise you how to prepare your company for Intrapreneurship. We want success as much as you!

The mobilisation of teams can take place any time. The mobilisation for the boot camp starts at least 2 to 3 months before the next boot camp. You decide whether your teams participate in the bootcamp with their ideas. We organise 2 to 3 Intrapreneurial Boot Camps every year with a maximum of 6 teams each Boot Camp. Your company can participate with one or more teams.

Participating in the Intrapreneurial Boot Camp means that you also have a budget for actually starting up new business. If your team is able to convince a jury of 25 investors, you can’t let your team down by not investing. You can choose to fund the new business with your own budget. But the jury members are also possible investors. It’s your decision. Your team will provide you with a clear investment plan, including a phased set of milestones, checkpoints and progressive budgets.

The next intrapreneurial Boot Camps are : 

2020 2021 (tbd)
1) Intake (in-company) 
   Investment criteria   ± early march
2) Mobilisation (in-company)                           
   Mobilisation meetings   ± mid march
   Idea screening   ± early may
   Team screening   ± early june
   Decision   ± end of june
3) Boot Camp (residential)                            
   Kick-off     4 september
   Weekend 1     10 and 11 september
   Weekend 2     1 and 2 october
   Weekend 3     22 and 23 october
   Dry-Run     20 november
   Final Event     11 december

Want to know more, maybe adjust the planning?
→ Marc Bogaert, 0475/98 99 01,