How does it work ?

The Second Phase consists of three major steps. From beginning to end, it takes about 6 to 7 months :

  1. Intake : we determine whether and how this program can benefit your company and define the criteria for a successful outcome.
  2. Mobilisation : we activate the start-up atmosphere in your company. The result: teams of employees that are determined to take action on their business idea.
  3. Intrapreneurial Boot Camp : your teams transform their idea into a validated business case. Then they present and defend their business case in front of a jury of investors, who evaluate its potential and investment worthiness. You decide then to launch the business or not.

If you want, we can guide you in launching your new business after the Intrapreneurial Boot Camp. We have a very large network of investors, financial experts, IP-specialists, business developers, marketeers, a.s.o.! Also we can provide you with numerous possibilities for funding.

Why does it work so well?   

Developing new business is not just a matter of processes, it’s a matter of people. Generating ideas for someone else is easy, but it takes guts to take your own idea to the next level and really work on it. Especially when it’s about new business opportunities.

That’s why we bring the start-up atmosphere to your company and disable completely any non-commitment. This means that only the companies whose managers really want to invest in new business and intrapreneurial spirit take the next step and that only the driven intrapreneurs of the company go for it. And we ensure you, in every company there are always driven intrapreneurs!

On the other hand, we provide a safe environment for you and employees :

  • We challenge your employees to present a valuable idea and to pu together themselves a multidisciplinary team with colleagues who all firmly believe in his or her idea. Hence the idea owner does not feel alone in this formidable task and is surrounded with different perspectives an competences, which are needed to create a well-founded business case
  • Of course, you decide which teams and ideas are allowed to the boot camp. We coach the teams to have solid answers to all the possible questions you can ask them about the business case.
  • Your team will defend their business case in front of a very tough jury of 20 to 25 business angels, captains of industry and business experts. Of course, you will be part of the jury as well. Every member of the jury will answer the question: “if the company asks you to co-invest in this idea, would you?” This compelling question and the discussions between the jury members will provide you with invaluable information about the chances of success. This way, you reduce your risks.