Boot Camp

The Intrapreneurial Boot Camp is run with maximum 6 teams, each with a valuable idea. All teams are normally from the same company. Since SME’s usually participate with only one or two teams, we may in that case add teams from other companies up to that maximum of 6 teams in total, if you allow us to do so.

During the boot camp, the teams are trained and coached to transform their idea to a well-founded business case. To do so, we team up with well-known business school professors. Not just any professors, guest professors having their own industrial activities. Combined with our own knowledge and experience, this is the perfect mix to help your teams develop their idea to its full potential.

  1. Kick-off: During the 1-day kick-off the teams pitch immediately their idea to one or more investors and get feedback. We coach the different teams to transform their idea to a value proposition. We also teach them the lean start-up method that we will use during the whole program, because feedback from the market is crucial.
  2. Weekend 1: During this weekend (Friday, Saturday) the teams investigate if their idea can create value for the targeted market.  What is the need? Who are the stakeholders? What is the competition?Which value proposition fits best?
  3. Weekend 2: This weekend is about value capturing and marketing. Can your company profit from this idea? Can we capture some of the created value? What business and revenue model is best? Which assets do we need? How do we market our product? How do we organize ourselves? Together, we find the answers to these questions.
  4. Weekend 3: During this weekend we calculate and determine the risks and financial aspects of the business over a period of 5 to 7 years. Where and how will we begin? How much revenue, cost, cash flow and profit is there? What’s the necessary start-up capital? What’s the return on investment for the shareholder? What are the risks?
  5. Assignments: In between every weekend the teams work a half/full day per week on their assignments. They receive feedback from the market and from us (coaches) and incorporate it in their business case for the next weekend. This way, they keep tweaking their business case and validate it in the market.
  6. Dry-run: During this day, the teams pitch their business case to a couple of investors, who give them feedback not only on the content but also on the way of presenting. The teams are coached throughout the rest of the day and refine their business case for the final event.
  7. Final event: We bring in a jury of about 20 investors (business angels, venture capitalists), captains of industry, executives and business experts. We carefully select only those people having experience in the fields specific to the presented business ideas. This way, you get invaluable insights on the possible markets.
    The teams pitch their business case in 15 minutes. After that, the jury questions them for 30 to 45 minutes. Each jury member tries to find an answer to the one and only question: “If the company asks you to invest in this new business, would you?” Of course, it’s your free choice to ask afterwards for their money of not. But by asking them that question up front, you get honest and very direct information from the jury members.
    After the presentation and the questioning, the jury deliberates. Each member of the jury gives their opinion about the chance of success and why he or she chooses to (potentially) invest or not. You watch and listen to the verdicts and have the opportunity to ask questions whenever you want. This discussion between the jury will provide you with invaluable information about the chances of success. This way, you reduce your risks and enhance your prior knowledge on these often very new markets.
  8. Debriefing and incubation start: some days later, we evaluate the verdicts and presentations with you and your teams. You make the decision if you want to further develop the business. We advise you on your next steps and on starting an incubation phase.

This phase (from kick-off to final event) takes about 3 to 4 months.