In the mobilisation phase we activate the start-up atmosphere in your company. This phase can be split up in three steps :

  1. During a meeting with your employees we present ourselves, explain what’s going to happen and what the contestants can expect. You make clear what are your investment criteria in new business. After this, we ask everyone to bring in their idea(s), but only if they are themselves willing to develop it with some colleagues. In a SME with 50 employees there are usually 3 to 8 employees that come forward with an idea.
  2. After two weeks we meet up with every employee that came forward with an idea, to challenge with you their idea. We challenge them to investigate themselves how realistic their business idea actually is. We ask them also to create a multidisciplinary team of colleagues and advise them which competences they better include in their team.
  3. In an SME this usually boils down to 1 to 2 teams, each with 4 to 6 employees. We ask them to demonstrate during a short meeting how realistic their business idea is, and whether it is likely to meet your initial investment criteria at the end. The stronger the team responds to this difficult challenge, the more they demonstrate entrepreneurial capabilities and the more suitable they are as to develop the idea into a business case during a boot camp.
  4. Finally, you decide with us which teams are strong enough to participate to the Intrapreneurial Boot Camp.

This phase takes about 1 to 3 months, depending on your company.

This phase of the program is also valuable for you because you discover a lot about your employees. You identify flawlessly the employees with intrapreneurial spirit and discover ideas that have not yet seen daylight in your company. It has never happened that there were no valuable ideas or driven team members.

This has surprised many CEO’s already! Curious? We would love to tell you more about our unconventional approach.