About us

The Second Phase consists of two enthusiastic senior consultants, with a shared passion for innovation, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and venturing.

Marc Bogaert

Marc Bogaert has coached hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs, in both the profit and non-profit sector.
Marc has an executive master’s degree in Management, from the Solvay Business School. As well as a master’s degree in Applied Sciences and Engineering, from the K.U. Leuven. He is trained in Solution Focused Coaching and in SME-advisory skills.

“I am focusing on people and teams in companies, on their passion, motivation and energy. I address their passion to realize the company’s ambitions, from initial idea generation to business development. As a senior-consultant with experience as C-level executive, I know what it takes to activate group dynamics in Corporates, SME’s and startups.
I believe in systemic thinking to tackle the challenges of an organization and in appreciative approaches to foster people towards results..”
Contact: Marc Bogaert,
tel.: +32 (0)475 98 99 01, Marc.Bogaert@TheSecondPhase.be

Boudewijn Delafortry

I’m fascinated by all aspects of innovation and I have been practicing methods to boost innovation since the beginning of the millennium. As a project leader in the Bell Labs I was one of the founders of the Entrepreneurial Boot Camp initiative in Alcatel-Lucent. At present, I am Innovation Manager at Technicolor, in Edegem. As a learning consultant, I solve – together with the stakeholders – the real cause of the problem, rather than wasting money and time on useless workshops or training sessions.Today, boosting innovation by going nuts with bright people, trying to bring bright ideas fast to market, as a new project in an existing business unit or as an internal or external venture is my hobby and also my work.Contact:
Boudewijn Delafortry,
tel.: +32 (0)474 96 06 18, Boudewijn.Delafortry@TheSecondPhase.be